MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training

MSHA New Miner Training

Course overview

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) requires all new miners and contractors to complete 8 hours of training before you start working. Our MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training package will allow you to meet these requirements so that you can start work safely while maintaining compliance.

You’ll learn about the physical characteristics, types, and operations of surface mines, as well as site rules and emergency procedures.

Additionally, the courses cover a wide range of topics from accident prevention, emergency procedures, and first aid/CPR to identifying and reporting environmental, electrical, and chemical hazards on the job site.

Plus, you’ll gain a better understanding of the rights of miners and miners’ representatives.

Course Outline

  • Electrical Hazards
  • Emergency Evacuation and Fire Escape
  • Explosives
  • First Aid
  • Ground Control
  • Hazard Communication
  • Health
  • Health and Safety Aspects of Assigned Tasks
  • Introduction to Work Environment
  • Line of Authority
  • Mandatory Health and Safety Standards
  • Miner Rights
  • Prevention of Accidents
  • Self-Rescue and Respiratory Devices
  • Transportation Controls and Communication Systems

Based on relevant job tasks, applicable courses will be assigned to obtain your MSHA Part 46 New Miner certification.

Learning Objectives

Determined by courses assigned per job tasks. Supplemental task training courses are selected from OSHA approved training.


30 CFR 46.5