Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention for New York Workers

Sexual harassment is a serious issue facing employers. This course is designed to educate you about New York and federal laws regarding sexual harassment as well as to present information on identifying harassing behavior, avoiding harassment, and what steps to take should harassment issues arise involving the workplace. Topics in this course include: Guidelines, Confrontation, Reporting Incidents, Supervisor Responsibilities, and Rights and Remedies. After completing this course, learners will be able to recognize that harassment is a personal issue and that definitions of offensive behavior may differ amongst coworkers. Learners also will be able to identify behaviors that are considered inappropriate and recognize how to avoid engaging in inappropriate behaviors.

Sexual Harassment: NY

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  • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention for New York Workers
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OSHA Program Overview:
  • Recognize what constitutes sexual harassment, its negative impacts, and the importance of having a sexual harassment policy
  • Define the terms gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, transgender, and gender stereotype
  • Identify examples of physical, verbal, and displayed harassment, quid pro quo sexual harassment, electronic harassment, and abusive conduct
  • Identify who is liable in harassment situations
  • Recognize the actions an employee, a bystander and a supervisor should take when harassment is observed and/or reported
  • Recognize proper conduct and procedures for working on a harassment investigation, as well as protections that should be implemented during an investigation
  • Identify expected responses and consequences after an investigation
  • Recognize examples of retaliation due to complaints of harassment and discrimination
  • Describe actions employees can take to help prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Describe steps employees and management can take to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

Our online course is tailored specifically to New York's laws and regulations, and provides practical guidance on how to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace. With interactive modules and real-life scenarios, our training program helps employees and employers understand their rights and responsibilities, and promotes a safe and respectful work environment. Get compliant with New York's sexual harassment training requirements today by signing up for our online course.